‘The road not taken’, is the one I took..

Sometimes after I’ve commented on someones post, I think to myself; “Do these people think I’m comparing my life to theirs?” “Am I coming across as, Yeah… I’ve been there, done that.”?

If I come across that way, I certainly don’t mean to. I’ve just been through a lot of crazy things in my life. When I read that someone else has faced a similar situation, I share mine as well to say; “I feel you. I can’t possibly understand completely (I am not you), but I have an idea, because my situation was similar. You are not alone. I feel your pain.” I’ve experienced so much I sometimes think, this can’t even sound legit to some people. I hear them thinking, “This girl has done and been through it all.” Not it all, but a shit-ton. I’ve never looked at my life and thought that I have it the worst. At a very young age, my Mom told me; “Christa, remember…someone always has it worse off than you. Be thankful for the good things.” I’ve always practiced that. The dark times can be so dark that seeing any glimmer of positive is difficult, but it’s possible. I just want to be that glimmer of hope.

Some parts of my life were by no control of my own, while others were consequences for the choices I made (There’s the fork in the road!!). Thankfully I learned a thing or two. To me, the most important lesson being, I can become bitter, or stronger. The world has changed so much since I was younger, that I can’t always recognize it anymore. Trying to raise a daughter in a world that I have witnessed being harsh and unfair, isn’t an easy task. Teaching her to recognize these things and to overcome them with a hopeful, loving, kind heart is a challenge. We don’t want to teach our children to become jaded towards the world before they truly have a chance to experience it for themselves…but we should teach them that world isn’t all rainbows and butterflies….we have to purposefully look for those things. They are there, just not as prominent is they once were.

I look at my life today and smile. I’ve come a long ways and I’ve done it without turning into a hopeless, negative person…That is my greatest feat. The road ‘not taken’ may have been harder, but it brought me here…

Until next time, spread your wings…. ~Christa


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