The most important part of me..


My life is ALL about my family. There is nothing more important than them.

My husband, I’ve known since high school. We dated off and on for a couple years, until I dropped out and he dated an ex friend for a few years. It was fate that brought us back together. Seriously. A horrible Jeep accident landed a friend in the hospital that Nathan and his ex worked at together. (My friend is alive and well)  Nathan had joined the Air Force and she still worked there, they had long since broke up.. Long story short, I ran into her, which led me back to Nathan.. 10 years later, a friendship established and strong and an undeniable love for one another, we were married August 16th, 2008.



My daughter is truly a miracle. I know ALL babies are miracles, but Amanda, by all odds, should not be here. After losing 2 of my babies, Ty and Kendra… both still-born, the Dr.s told me that I should not carry anymore children. The abruptions would continue to be an issue. And then….Amanda. I was a nervous fucking wreck. For real. Specialists, non-stress tests, 2 amniocentesis’, bed rest…..and most of all heavy duty prayer. I studied this story (I Samuel 1-) and held onto faith. I journal-ed my journey ( Wish I knew where that was now) and prayed non-stop. My family was scared, I was scared…I did not want to bury another baby. The moment she was delivered and cried her first cry, I yelled “Praise GOD!” My family standing outside the delivery room, heard me and knew, that was my way of saying she was alive and well. My miracle.

I have seen heart ache, but my life is fabulous… I am truly, TRULY blessed.

I have a husband who works hard to provide for his family, loves us unconditionally, and is my best friend, not to mention sexy as fuck..


And my daughter is beautiful on the inside as well as the out. She’s smart, talented, compassionate and funny.  I could not ask for more.

facebook_1481825688981Art by Amanda Schack 2016


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