It’s 0400.

I truly thought after the productive day I had, I’d be asleep by now. Clearly I was wrong.

The night before I went to bed at 0500 and slept well until noon. I know, I know…you’re asking 0500? Why so late? It’s my husbands fault. His schedule changes from days to graves every month..or at least it was every it will be every two months. Recently he’s been on graves and since I’m a stay at home mom/ wife, I’ve changed with him. This has been a graves month. Buuuuut… really jacks up my sleep schedule and ability to fall asleep.

From 2 pm today until 2 am this morning, I’ve been putting away Christmas. (Yes, that much Christmas) And since this year we didn’t get to celebrate it as a family until New Years Day (my husband was working and my daughter was with her dad) Christmas stayed up later into the New year. It’s a huge difference from last year when I was too sad from him being deployed that I didn’t even bother dragging all our Christmas boxes out. It’s a chore. It takes hours….I don’t just set items out, I replace everyday items with Christmas, so the process turns into a bomb scene that as my Mom always says; makes my house look like it blew up. I busted my ass today with the help of my daughter to clean it all up and bring back the homes original items. Of course it’s not done..between rotating items, you’ve got to clean everything too. I can at least say, the house is no longer a bomb scene and the animals don’t feel like they are trapped in corners by boxes. (they tend to get under foot and anxious during the Christmas deco process)

By 0200, I was tired…worn out…so I went to bed with the thought that I would sleep well because I’d earned it…. But here I am…awake. Writing.

At this point, I regret not writing in this blog earlier, as if my mind is saying; Write, bitch…you have a lot in here to get out. Thanks, mind…I’m on it. I know I’m not alone here. I know all you moms and dads have had night where your body is done, but your mind says; Let’s fucking partaaay! Grrrrr…. it really can be annoying that our brains are the boss.

I think I’m making the best of my frustration…although I was really hoping to start moving my schedule back to days..and especially since I have to be up Monday morning around 0500 to take my daughter to school, I thought it would be a smart idea…one I struggle with every weekend that I’m on this schedule..But it didn’t work..again. I can laugh and embrace it…I can come here and share my inability to sleep like a normal person. It’s great. It’s my life every (two) months now. I have a feeling I’mm going to be getting a lot of writing done…and housework. That might be done by tomorrow afternoon at the rate I’m going.

I’m going to go get a cup of coffee..I feel like I might need it today.

Until next time, spread your wings. ~Christa


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