Angels in strange places.

In this day,  it is incredibly hard for mothers, wives…women in general, to find quality friends. Specifically women who are going through the same thing as you, that you can turn to who won’t judge you. We just don’t have time to go out and hang anymore. Our time is spent solely on our families and very little time is saved for ourselves. The worst part is, we know it…we know we need time for ourselves…and yet, we don’t take it. We feel guilty, there’s still laundry to do…dishes in the dish washer…floors to be cleaned and vacuumed, meals to be made. We drive countless hours to run our children to sports, drama, cheer-leading, dance, karate….you know…you feel me. And at the end of the day when our children are asleep we spend the quiet hours trying to catch up on work, bills, lunches for tomorrow.

What about the hour you spend waiting for rehearsal to get over, do you check your facebook? Join that ‘Mom and make-up’ group for tips on how to get rid of the bags under your eyes and seek strength from losing your shit on your child? Let’s be real, we all know we love our children and husbands…but they don’t exactly understand us, now do they? I mean, I haven’t personally seen complete understanding…often. My husband still asks me, “Why are you crying”  when I’ve clearly told him it’s that time of month.

So, you turn to complete strangers and are amazed at how many women are going through the Exact. Same. Thing. You think to yourself ‘Thank God, I’m not alone.’ I found a group that provided all this support and more. It’s given me the adult interaction I need without leaving my house, and spending time away from the one place I truly want to be. My family is the most important thing to me, and they will always come first.  This closed group of ladies follow rules to be kind, non-judgmental, supportive….if you can’t be those things, you are no longer welcome. Because honestly, who wants to be around bullies, bitches and negative Nancy? No one. Life is too  short to be brought down. Ever. Especially from such a distraction as social media. No thank you! There are far more positive things to fill our very short, alone time. Right?

After hanging out in the group, names become familiar…their family..likes/dislikes. Whether they are shy, or over-the-top outgoing… All women different, but present with the understanding that we’re all going through something. It becomes clear that these women truly care.. How empowering for a woman, to empower another woman?  Why spend our lives hating on someone because her ass is perfect…or she’s over-weight. Judging others is such a HUGE waste of our precious time on this earth.

I have  been a part of a group for a year now of like minded women and have made some fabulous friends. They are there when I need an ear and provide support when it seems my shoulders are too weighed down to carry it alone anymore.

The group started by one of the most caring and compassionate women I have ever met (well, not physically, but you get my point). It started out as a beauty blog and became so much more.. Her goal is to build up women and encourage them to live their dreams.. to not judge themselves and embrace their faults and all. Her kindness knows no bounds…. but I will say that her tolerance of bullies is zero, she s a force to be reckoned with if you hurt someone. She defends those she cares about and reaches out to those in need. The world needs more women like her.

I may have not met these women or this woman in person, but they are genuine in their concern for others. We talk each day even if to just discuss our daily plans. This group has changed the way I see other women, it has brought me a place to go where I feel comfortable and safe to be myself.

I am grateful for her and this wonderful group of ladies. If you are like me, a mother who spends far to much time alone or working and need some time to yourself, please come check her out live on Poise and Purpose on Facebook. Watch some great makeup tutorials, laugh at her quirky, spunky attitude and enjoy some ‘you’ time with other women who are in the same situations as you.

Visit; or Poiseandpurpose on Facebook and join the closed group; Poise chat. You can see her makeup on Instagram @Katyroleigh.

Thank you Kaleigh for being you and working to unite and empower women all over the world. I’m proud to call you my friend.

~Spread Your Wings


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