I want to be more like Ede Ma.


Who is Ede Ma and why am I writing about her? Because if you knew her, you’d want to be more like her too. She was the epitome of kindness and positivity.  She could find the good in everything and everyone. Being around her made you feel good, she made you feel happy.

Driving through some of the ugliest parts of the country with her, she would point out a single flower that was hidden by tumble weeds and dead grass and comment, “Look at that beautiful little flower.” You’d swear she didn’t notice anything else, but that flower that the rest of us had to search for, but for Ede, that flower made the whole area beautiful. She was like that with everything. Things we take for granted, mountains, trees, wild life….she would “Ooooo and Ahhhh” and look at the them in wonderment of the beauty in the world and comment on what a beautiful world we live in. Ede lived through the depression, so I think she understood how bad and hard times could be, but from everything I had ever heard about her was that she had always been that way.

When it came to people she would always have something nice to say about them. Even the ones who seemed rude, arrogant or even the criminals on television.. she’d never utter a bad comment about them, she would just say something  like, “He has beautiful eyes.” or “I bet she would look lovely in a blue dress.” She never judged anyone. She was always smiling and she enjoyed every moment in life stating that even during the bad times, there was something good that would come from it.

She had quite the sense of humor as well. She referred to penises as “Tallywackers”, Breasts as “The Dairy” and lady bits as, “The Kitty cat”. She was quite the lady. Her laugh was infectious and her eyes shined with joy and love. I remember my Aunt had an ice tray in the shape of a penis….my Aunt was quite the prankster and decided to to put this ice in a very short glass so that Ede would know exactly what it was.. (kind of hard to miss an 8 inch ice penis in a 4 inch glass) We all stood by waiting for her response and as she looked at it her eyes grew larger and she grabbed it out of the glass and said “Oh my! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one of these!” And then she laughed and laughed…. We all laughed with her. She was in her 80’s then and still had a sense of humor.

Some make think they her constant happiness would be annoying, but it really wasn’t, she wasn’t over-the-top, bouncy, fake happy she was just a positive person that people wanted to be around. EVERYONE who met her loved her and admired her and everyone enjoyed conversations with her.

I have written about a woman that none have you have ever met and its because in the world we live in today we need more people like her. Positive, uplifting, happy. People who don’t judge one another. People who find the good in things that may not be easy to see. There is so much hatred and judgement in this world that it’s hard to find the good, hard to see the beauty and hard to stay positive. But because I have met someone who was completely capable of all of these things, I know it’s possible for the rest of us. If we’d only focus on letting go of hatred, quit judging one another and look for the good in the world. If only we all could be more like Ede Ma.

Spread your Wings,



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