The Carol Lee

This is a lighthouse float home built by a retired engineer. I used to look down at it from our from cabin, over looking the Pend O’Rielle at Bayview, ID. The inside was beautiful with a winding ladder up to the living area, that was much larger in life than it appears on the outside. Fully functioning kitchen, bathroom with shower, sink and toilet and everything was covered in gorgeous smooth wood paneling on the walls. Through the large bedroom was a door that led us up to the light house which was fully function with old an police light he had a acquired. On the back where you can read the words, “Carol Lee” behind the double doors holds a full sized boat.

After seeing it everyday when I looked onto the bay, I decided to draw it, and this was my attempt. When I had finished, I wanted to share the drawing and my great interest I had in this fascinating piece of work. They were kind enough to give us a full tour.

Every year during Bayview days, he turns on the lights in the lights house…it’s quite the thing to see.


Spread Your Wings,





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