I Wear My Husband’s Boxers Everywhere And I Don’t Care What You Think

When you spend 90% of your day at home, if you’re like me you’re in your pj’s, or if its really nice out I’m in my husband boxers with a baggy t-Shirt. So what….they’re comfortable, it’s literally like wearing nothing at all…and it doesn’t get more comfortable than naked, (unless it’s in public, than no) and they have cute designs! Air Force, Superman, American Eagle, Valentines ones that say ‘Love’ all over them, (valentines gift from me) plain blue, the Grinch…I mean, come on…they’re cute. Plus, with a huge t-shirt you only see the bottom inch, so they totally look like baggy shorts. Yes, I’m one of those women who wears her hubbie’s boxers everywhere, and IDGAF what anyone thinks!

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