“13 Reasons Why.” (Spoiler Alert)

If you have any intention of watching this show and don’t want to know any details, quit reading now. You’ve been warned.


My daughter is almost 17 and goes to a school where I hear her talk about all the kids that suffer anxiety and self medicate themselves. It’s a small school, but the Resource Officer on campus has searched and seized drugs and alcohol from a few students who were suspended. She’s smelled marijuana in the bathrooms multiple times and has noticed some kids who smell of alcohol.

Anxiety in our high schools are higher than they were when we were kids, or maybe they have just given it a different meaning. Bullying isn’t something she sees or hears about at her school often but the times she has, she has brought it to the school counselor or if it was on social media she brought to us and we took it to the school. That was actually more in middle school.

I watched 13 Reasons Why, not with my daughter, but to see, one; What all the hype was about and two; to see if it was something I thought she should see. It filled me with so many emotions, I’m not sure I want her to see it, but more like have a discussion about it with her. It’s a reality that all parents need to think about and keep open communication with their children. Some kids won’t talk to you, as clearly seen in the show. If that’s the case then my feeling is; those are red flags. Why won’t they talk to you? Why do they avoid the topic? As parents we must dig deeper. Check their phones, check their social media…if they won’t talk to you, then we must become the detective to find out whats going on.

At the age of 17 I would never allow my child to go to a “party” at someone’s house without speaking to the parents, knowing the situation and whether adults….responsible adults will be there…. Not newly turned 18 year-olds whose parents are out of town. That’s trouble waiting to happen, again as shown in the show multiple times.

The rape scenes were extremely hard to watch.. again it’s reality, it happens as tragic and horrible as it is, it’s reality. I hope that I have given my child the tools to acknowledge the situations to stay out of things like this that it can occur. Teenage parties with alcohol and drugs, never a good combination.

The suicide scene, again mentally painful to watch and yet another reality. I can not fathom the pain a parent of a child who has committed suicide feels..It was heart wrenching to watch. I don’t believe in sheltering my child from the truths of the world..but I don’t believe that she’s quite ready to see it in such a graphic manner.

You may or may not agree with my opinion. The way I parent is what I feel is best for MY child. This isn’t up for debate, it’s an opinion and she’s my child.

What are you feelings on this show if you’ve watched it?

Spread Your Wings,



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