Dusting off my keyboard.

May’s Hiatus~

I took the whole month of May off from blogging, writing and pretty much everything that involved social media. While I really needed the time off for myself, it’s rough getting back into it. I’ve spent some time on my Facebook page the last few weeks, but other than that I’ve been scarce. I’m dusting off my keyboard and making a comeback.


Writing is like riding a bike…  No, it’s like playing a piano, or singing.

I took 7 years of piano lessons when I was younger, from age 8-15. At the age of 19 I began teaching for 2 years. I know how to read music..and I have natural rhythm. But, I can’t play the piano worth a damn now because I haven’t kept my fingers nimble. My mind works fast enough, my fingers just can’t keep up. Could I get it back? Absolutely. Practice.

I have the same issue with singing…I stopped doing it and now my vocal cords hate me. My diaphragm says, ‘I don’t think so…you should probably practice for the next 6 months before attempting that song.’ Again, I could get it back.. again, more practice.

That is writing to me. I need to warm up before I do a live performance. I need to practice and get my mind back in the zone.


In the meantime….Um, I really need a planner.

I’m planning more blogs, articles, another contest and I’ve started my June favorites list…I’m excited about that!

Until next time~

Spread your wings…





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