A Pre-Summer Friday.

Music of the Day: Nirvana Albums: MTV Unplugged & Nevermind

Since I spent a lot of time in the jeep today, I set my iPod to Nirvana and listened on loop all day. I kept cranking it up when this song came on…It just made me want to yell; “Have some GRUNGE!” Last week, my daughter and I watched Soaked in Bleach. It was very, very interesting… I still remember the day Cobain died… Sad, sad day.. I guess I had Nirvana of the brain today, so that was my jam.

I picked my daughter up from her last day of her sophomore year. Sigh…they grow too fast. I thought about the fact that this year will be the last birthday we’ll celebrate before she’s legally an adult. (Why do we think about these things??)

I ran her to a routine eye appointment and another appointment following right after that.. Thankfully the weather wasn’t too hot since we spent so much time in it. It really was the perfect day, sunny with a cool breeze. After a full day of running around..it was nice to be home.

Since my husband is out-of-town working and my daughter started dozing on the couch, I decided to pamper myself a little bit with my mud mask. I always love how my face feels afterward and… I can’t lie, the fact that my face becomes stiff as a board makes me feel like it’s tightening up those pesky wrinkles… (whatever I want to tell myself, right?) I managed to find a planner while out-and-about today, so while my mask dried I got the summer schedule for my husband and daughter put in it up to September when school starts back up…accomplishments, while small… are still accomplishments.

I spent part of the evening laid back, checked the LTF’s social media pages and enjoyed a 70 pound Gerbarian Shepsky laying in my lap.. She misses her Dad. Every time he leaves, she whines at the door, desperately hoping he’ll walk back through. After an hour she comes to find me. This is often the outcome..a needy 70 pound, year and half old, puppy. In. Your. Face. Tonight I guess she just wanted to hang out with Mom. I’m cool with that.

This is how I am ending my night. Some reading, writing and chamomile, honey & vanilla tea. Have you read this book? So far the first chapter has me intrigued, we’ll see how it goes as I dive further into the story.

Read the reviews and synopsis for Mrs. Poe here.

Depending on what the weather is going to do tomorrow, will decide what we do. Outdoors, work on sorting Yard Sales stuff with my parents, or staying in and painting yard decorations. Rain or shine, we have something to do.

I hope whatever your weekend plans are, they are full of fun and family…Until next time,

~Spread Your Wings.




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