It’s what’s been going on….

Enjoying each moment…

I realized it’s been 4 days since I’ve written and I thought to myself, “This isn’t how you get back into it…write…write anything.” So, here I am sharing with you what’s been going on since I last blogged.

Friday, June 9th. 

I had to share with you this beautiful photo I saw at the eye clinic. The Photographers name wasn’t anywhere to be found, but I had asked about these photos that are hung all over the clinic before and the lady told me it was a local photographer. I’m not sure what part of Spokane this is, but all their photos are of Spokane and surrounding areas. Whoever it is they have a wonderful eye. I wish I could give proper credit.

Saturday, June 10th.

It was planned that my daughter and I would go help my parents prepare items for a yard sale, but with questionable weather, it didn’t look like we’d be working outside. We decided to stay home and repaint a yard decoration of my Mom’s that had weathered throughout the years and was in desperate need of some love. Amanda painted the Elf and I painted the wheelbarrow. I should have taken before photos, but I didn’t. (Of course) The finished piece turned out very well and my Mom was super happy with it. It looks very pretty now with a planter of flowers in the wheelbarrow.

Enjoying a craft day with my girl.

Sunday, June 11th.

Sunday has always been our day to do housework, but with school out and more days to do it, I decided to take it easy. Amanda and I did our makeup for no reason other than, we wanted to…and then washed my Jeep. (Hey, at least we looked pretty while washing the Jeep)…. I’m still waiting for warm enough weather to take the top off…COME ON SUMMER!

We went shopping and bought some cod for dinner. Amanda and I love fish, but my husband abhors it, so it’s not something we eat a lot of… we normally only eat it when he’s gone, because I’m not about cooking different foods for a meal. I had a great idea to use our fresh herbs from our herb garden…The fish turned out amazing!!!! I’m convinced it’s because we grew the herbs ourselves.

Fresh Parsley, Oregano and Rosemary.

Monday, June 12th.

It was not your typical, “Monday”. It was nice to sleep in instead of getting up before the crack of dawn to take my daughter to school, although I forgot to turn my alarm off, so I still woke up at 5 am, thankfully I was able to go back to sleep. We spent the day chillin’ around the house, watering the yard and doing laundry. I love summer Mondays…

Tuesday, June 13th.

We buckled down on the housework in preparation of my husband coming home that night. I made a list of things to-do and put it on the coffee table. I told Amanda to pick things off the list and once finished, cross them off. It’s amazing how when you work together things get done so much faster, especially things no one enjoys doing! I figured I would try the list idea since Amanda is always asking, “What do you want me to do now?” This way she could choose tasks and it saved me from going over the billion things I know need to be done in my head to choose something for her to do. She remarked that the list was nice, she didn’t have to ask and she had options.

Wednesday, June 14th.

Today was Nathan’s first of 5 days off. Aside of going with my Mom to a Dr.’s appointment, we’ve just hung out together. Sometimes doing nothing at all together is the best. We have plans to go see Wonder Woman this week… I’m looking forward to seeing it. I’m old enough to remember the original show with Linda Carter and have always LOVED Wonder Woman and honestly there isn’t a single Super hero movie whether DC Comics or Marvel that we don’t go to see in the theater for family date nights. It’s our thing.

I hope you all are enjoying your week so far… Share with me in the comments something great that has happened to you this week!!

Until Next time….

~Spread Your Wings.



4 thoughts on “It’s what’s been going on….”

  1. Sounds like a good week! This week I am really excited about our annual dance recital. I am a dance teacher and this are the most important two weeks of the whole year (when it comes to work). So happy to see my students on stage, showing what they’ve learned and smiling like crazy!
    Have a great weekend!
    Sending love from Austria!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Theresa- That sounds like such fun, rewarding work! I bet you are excited!! Watching children’s joy in sharing all their hard work and yours would be such a highlight for sure…enjoy every moment! Have a wonderful recital and weekend! Sending love back from the USA!


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