An evening Pedicure..

I’m a day early on my goals in my planner, in fact I’ve written 2 more articles and a few blogs above the goals I set, plus I got quite a bit of housework done today. (Despite the headache that was trying to put me down.) I felt like I deserved a pedicure and mostly, I needed one. Flip flop season plays havoc on your heels!



I absolutely love my resin pedibath. It’s easily disinfect-able and looks beautiful with a few fresh flowers floating in the bath. I got it at



I used the aromatherapy bath salts in Pomegranate, I love these bath salts for pedi’s and baths…They are so relaxing. The Warm Vanilla is my favorite, so I’m trying to save that for special occasions!


I absolutely love these Tea Tree oil scrubs and lotions. I notice such a huge difference in my heels. You can find them at ULTA for $9.00.


And here’s the finished product…feet that feel great and, as always, my favorite…Patriotic colors!

Until next time…

~Spread your wings,



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