Major Photography Faux Pas

I spent a wonderful day at Silverwood theme park with my daughter, niece that is visiting from California with her husband and my Great Nephew.

The night before I charged my Nikon and removed the card to empty it and give myself ample space for all the wonderful pictures I was going to take of our day. As I went to take my first picture I got an error, “Not enough memory space”. Wouldn’t you know it, I forgot to put the memory card back in. This left me no alternative but to take lower quality pictures with my phone. What a huge disappointment!! Note to self; Always remember to make sure to either put the card back in, OR pack an extra memory card. Lesson learned.

Despite my mistake it was a wonderful day with family. Any day you can build memories is a good day and while I might not have the physical pictures to show for it, I will never forget the fun we had together!

Have you ever done this?

Until next time,

~Spread your wings…



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