6 Reasons Why I Like Dogs More Than Most People.

My whole life I’ve been an out-going person. I can hold a conversation with a complete stranger about pretty much anything, but I have a real issue with trusting people because of past experiences. While I’m out-going, I still find myself navigating towards a person’s dogs before I engage the person in conversation…I just like dogs better. Here’s 6 reasons why.

  1. They’re Faithful. I’ve never been cheated on by a dog. Sure, sometimes I think my dog likes my daughter more than me, but he always chooses me over more attractive women., even when they give him a dog treat. Dogs are pack animals ad they see you as their pack, they will do anything and everything to care for their pack.
  2. They’re Sympathetic. I know people can be sympathetic too, but dogs have this sense when their person is hurting and they always want to try to make you feel better. When My husband was deployed if I cried, Bosco would climb up into my lap, lay his head on my leg and look up at me as if to say, “I’m sorry Mom, I wish I could make it better.” I don’t think he realized that he did, just by being there with me. Petting and loving on a dog does help, it’s calming and scientifically speaking, they do help a persons state of mind.
  3. They’re Always happy to see you. My husband posted a funny meme and it still makes me laugh. it read, “Lock your dog and your wife in the trunk of a car and see which one is happy to see you when you let them out.” Personally I’d kill him, but the dog would be happy to see him. It doesn’t matter if you’re gone 3 minutes or 3 hours they are always happy to see you. People on the other hand might not always appreciate your presence.
  4. They just want to make you happy. Dogs will do everything in their power to try and please you. If they’ve done something wrong they feel remorse and shame. If they aren’t quite getting their training right, they will come to you for some sort of reassurance that you still love them. When Tika chews on my hair ties and I scold her, she always puts her ears back, comes close and looks at me with the most apologetic eyes (how can I stay mad a that? I give her scratches, tell her I love her but to knock that shit off). Most people don’t care, hell they aren’t even willing to admit that they’ve done something wrong, let alone ask for your forgiveness. Dogs do NOT like it when you’re unhappy with them.
  5. They don’t judge. Okay, they do…but not in the same way people judge. Dogs have a sense of whether a person is good or bad. I was raised that if my dog didn’t like someone, there was something serious enough to not like about them. 100% of the time, my dog was dead on in their judgment…but as far as whether a person is overweight, too skinny, has a mole the size of Texas on their face…they could care less.
  6. They don’t argue. I have full on conversations with my dogs and not ONCE have they argued with me, but they definitely listen. Bosco will cock his head from side to side hanging on every word I say. Tika may make a few statements, but mostly only when I ask her if she’s hungry. Some people I’ve met, that’s all they like to do is argue, as in they live for a good argument.

Dogs truly are mans best friend…There when you need them, great companions, fun to play with and great cuddlers. I don’t mind cats, but they are far too independent for me and I’ve never had one that had all the qualities that a dog does, so I’m a dog person all the way.

Are you a dog or cat person? Tell us why in the comments!

Until Next time..

`Spread your wings.



One thought on “6 Reasons Why I Like Dogs More Than Most People.”

  1. I LOVE this! I definitely like dogs more than most people. Although, I have to disagree on the arguing part. All three of my dogs are highly opinionated and will argue at the drop of a dime. With me. Sometimes each other, but they are highly opinionated toward me.

    Also, I’m not sure if I’m more of a dog or a cat person. I think I lean more toward dogs, but I wouldn’t give up my kitties for the world. They all make me happy.

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