A Few Of My Favorite Nail Products That You’ll Want To Try!!!

I get asked a lot what I use on my nails, here are a few of my favorite products. Give them a try, I’m sure you’ll love them too!!!!

One of my favorite base coats is OPI Base coat. I love this because it helps prevent chipping and makes the polish last longer.

Order Yours Here


I use a lot of Sally Hansen Products, like ELF, I think Sally Hansen is highly under-rated. This is a great bundle with gorgeous colors at a great price, two thin coats and a top coat and you won’t be disappointed.

Order Yours Here


I have two go-to top coats, My favorite is Out-The-Door. It dries super quick and prevents yellowing and stay shiny until you take it off. You get a huge bottle for a great price that’ll last forever!!!

Order Yours Here


If you prefer a gel top coat, this is my absolute favorite CND Shellac XPRESS5 Top coat. It does require an LED or UV lamp. This is the best I’ve used for gel top coats. It’s another one that keeps your nails shiny until you take it off.

Order Yours Here


My favorite Cuticle oil is by far the best I’ve ever tried….Cuccio Oil. You’ll love how this keeps your cuticles soft and keeps them from cracking!! I love that it h Tea tree oil in it and ea kelp, oth are great for your nail health!


Get yours here

Here’s just a few of the products I use and love, I hope you love them as much as I do! Leave me a comment and let me know!

Until Next Time..

`Spread Your Wings!



15 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorite Nail Products That You’ll Want To Try!!!”

      1. The polish on my thumb and forefinger chips when I have to take out the Invisalign aligners. I considered painting the other nails and leaving those free lol but I’m not sure I’ll enjoy having four unpainted nails.

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      2. If you use a gel top coat, that may not be an issue, especially if you put it down over the free edge.. The gel polishes are much harder than regular polish…just a thought.


  1. I need a new top coat brand, asap! All the ones I have are too thick and don’t dry super hard. I gotta try out your recommendation, for sure!

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  2. I must confess I always skip the base coat which I know is wrong but I always seem to never find it and my nails end up also not lasting, I guess I should follow the steps next time and get a long wear on my nail polish. I need to try some sally hansen products never have.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sally Hansen is so affordable, and they have great colors… OPI will always be my favorite, but at 8-12 a bottle that can be out of people’s price range for polish.


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