Save money each month and do your own gel manicure!

Why pay to have your nails done at a salon and pay a fortune when you can easily do them at home. There are a few tricks you’ll need to know, but investing in your own LED/UV lamp and polishes will save you money in the long run, believe me!

First thing you’ll need is the lamp. If you get too low wattage of a lamp your gel won’t set quickly..the lower the wattage, the longer you’re under the lamp. I encourage at least a 24 watt like this one for $23.99

24 watt

Order your UV lamp


Or a higher wattage is even better getting you from under the lamp a lot faster. a 36 watt lamp, like this one which is a little more money but worth the time you”ll save at $32.99 regularly $45.99

36 watt

Order your UV lamp

Once you get your lamp, you’ll need you gel polishes.. There are so many brands to choose from it”s hard to tell which ones are the best and which ones will actually lat the two weeks they claim to. There is where the trick comes in.


  1. Prep your nails by buffing them to take off the shine. These are the buffers I use for everything and this is a great price at $3.36 for 10.


Get your Buffers!


         2. You need a base coat (APPLY EVERYTHING IN THIN LAYERS!)

This is a cheap base coat at $1.77 a bottle.

base coat

Get your base gel


3. You need your Gel polish colors!!!! There are so many of these as well but I prefer CND shellac. Those are pretty costly when starting out, so I suggest this bundle that is currently on sale and will give you 6 colors. These are regularly $55.60, but you get them at $27.46. GREAT DEAL!! CND Shellac is $15.95 a bottle.


Get your gel bundle!

The trick is to do 2-3 thin coats, cure in between them and bring the gel down over the tip of your nail, (the free edge).

4. Finish with a top coat. This is the top coat I’ll never skimp cost on, it’s THE best in my opinion. CND Shellac Xpress5. It’s $15.95, but you won’t regret it when your gel manicure lasts 2-3 weeks. (Again make sure you bring that gel down over the tip of your nail and not too thick of a coats/ too thick will cause them to peel and if you need an extra coat, that’s fine too.


Get your Top Coat

5. When your finished nail comes out it will be tacky…just wipe it off with an alcohol swab and admire the shine!


Let me know what you think of the money you’ll save by doing your own gel nails in the comfort of your own home! If you have any questions, feel free to message me and ask!!

Until next Time,

~Spread your wings,





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