Hey, this is Christa here. I thought I’d take the awkward moment to write about myself.

I strive to be kind and compassionate, but also have a dark sense of humor. I cuss a little (okay, a lot) but I love God. I am very spiritual, but do not believe in organized religion…. Speaking the name “GOD” can turn people off, but I promise you; I’m not here to convert or sell my beliefs. However, my life includes my faith, so I won’t leave Him out of my blogs.. You’ve been warned, we can agree to disagree.

Besides writing I have a license in Nail technology. So you’ll find some good stuff on Nail care. I love movies, games, naps, painting, crafts, cooking, singing, writing and mostly spending time with my family.

I’ve been a military wife for 10 years so I am very patriotic…I guess when you’ve witnessed the sacrifices of our men and women who serve first hand, it tends to give you a whole new appreciation for our military. With that being said, to be clear; I love my country, it’s government, not so much……

I’m honest (sometimes to a fault), faithful, outgoing, opinionated, passionate, protective, sympathetic and empathetic (It is either a blessings or a curse). I speak my mind…. a lot less the older I’ve gotten, (which is probably a good thing because my mouth has gotten me into trouble, more so since the creation of the internet and social media…(the struggle is real) But, I will never compromise myself or my morals to make someone comfortable. Life isn’t always comfortable. I’m impatient, get frustrated easily, and become angry when people and things aren’t fair…welcome to life.

Trials, tribulations, miracles, joys. I’ve seen them all in my 43 years. All of these things are just a part of what my life has made me. I hope that my stories and outlooks on life will touch someone else and help them see that ‘shit’ happens to us all, good and bad….it’s how we handle it that makes us who we are. We can let it define us, or we can use it to empower ourselves and our future. The choice is always ours. I choose to fly….there is always hope.

Spread Your Wings,

Christa Stull