Progress can be painful.

Sometimes I really feel ‘progress’ could be done differently. Sometimes the lengths they go through is just not necessary and it can cause the heart to hurt.

When I was 12 we moved into a house across the street that I went to grade school in. The house is almost 100 years old, the trees in the front yard were not even as tall as the fence. My parents have lived in that house for 30 years and watched their maple trees grow to beautiful heights. (I realize that not all the trees in my parents front yard are maple, but you get the jest)

A couple days ago my Mom called to tell me that the three maples trees that were taller than our own, right across the street, that had provided shade and beauty on the street had been cut down to put in a sidewalk. The “city of trees”…cut down three beautiful Maples that were huge when I went to school there years and years ago. It was heart wrenching and there could have been a way around it. There were other options, but this is what they chose. Thanks Mr. Mayor.

I wish I would have know they were going to do it, I would have taken pictures of them, but I never thought in a million years they’d cut them down. Not in this “city of trees” that we so pride ourselves in. Just imagine them bigger and more beautiful then my parents.

If you look in the picture carefully above, you can see a wide area of dirt between the grass and the road… perfect sidewalk area. Ample space. I’m not a tree hugger, I’m really not..but it does make me sad to see such a huge unnecessary change that to me is not progress… to me it was taking the cheap easy way out. All I can think of when I see this is this song..and I blasted it as I pulled up to my parents while the workers took a break, cause that’s how I roll. Give it a listen.

Big Yellow Taxi- Joni Mitchell

Sometimes progress hurts and we have to roll with it, but we sure don’t have to like it one bit.

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Here’s hoping your week was better than mine! I’ve decided next week will be better.

It has been a HELL of a week. It was fabulous while my niece, nephew and great-nephew were here, but it went to shit the day before they left.

Saying good-bye to fur-family.

I had to take my cat, Adonis, to pet emergency and left without him, forever. He had gone into renal failure. He was 5, deaf, pure white, quirky, a complete asshole (But OUR asshole) and he was part of our pack. He will, with-out a doubt, be missed and it will take me awhile to get passed making that tough-decision, but I’m not the type to let an animal suffer.





Computer Chaos

On my husbands only two days off, his laptop decided to crap out. Something about his hard-drive was full and couldn’t even reboot after installing the windows 10 update, something about partitions and it not saving on the correct drive….. Now, if any of that sounds completely wrong, or not probable, it very well could be, but I don’t speak that language. It’s like Math…we’re not friends.

He has far more patience than I, and doesn’t get frustrated even remotely as quickly as I do… (he seriously has the patience of Job when it comes to computers and other life stuff.) But, this had him frustrated. After getting it wiped to start ALL over again (Just Windows 10 left), he reset his up all his shit…it did it again, right after Windows update. (That pesky update) Yeah. Not a happy person playing computer tech on his only two days off…and not much fun for me either. When he left, it was working…I’m really hoping it’s fixed for good.

Friends and Family of need of prayers and positive thoughts.

I have 4 very near and dear family members that could use your prayers, (If you believe in that) or positive vibes sent their way. I also have a lot of friends who are going through a plethora of issues. In my faith, I know God knows their needs, so I won’t share everything, just please keep them in your prayers/ thoughts as well.

I want to leave with a positive thought and some inspiration..

Until next time,

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At some point I’ll be getting Firework pictures up… And if you’re interested in seeing me do a live nail tutorial Tuesday, join the “Poise Chat” group on Facebook.

My Favorite Thing About Summer? Going Topless!

I’ve liven in Washington State my whole life, born and raise in Spokane on the Eastern side of the state. We are blessed with four distinctive seasons. The Winters never disappoint for us snow lovers. Spring brings flowers and birds returning from the south singing their “we’re back” songs early in the morning. The Fall brings a beautiful changing of the leaves, in red, orange, yellow. It’s gorgeous to see the changing of the seasons. Then there is my favorite season of the year, Summer. Summer is always hot, 80-100’s, sunny and beautiful. The first sign of these temps for at least 10 days straight, according to the Weather Channel, my top comes off!! I’ve waited 9 months for this moment and get so excited for it when the time nears: My favorite thing about summer is going topless!

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5 Things I Say To Myself All The Time (And What I’m Going To Start Saying Instead)

I am the queen of negative self talk. I can find things about myself and talk myself into a feeling of self pity in less than two seconds. I could list a plethora of things I say to myself all the time, but I’m going to stick to five of the main ones. Here are 5 things I say to myself all the time (and what I’m going to start saying instead).

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8 Things Only Moms With Anxiety Truly Understand

It’s like a daily issue where something, and I mean SOMETHING goes weird. Us moms just seem to have those moments where we can’t find our keys just magically find them in the refrigerator or we can’t remember if we turned off our curling iron before we left home. And those moments cause so much anxiety. It’s hard enough being a mom, but when you put anxiety on top of that? Brutal.

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This was a pleasant and unexpected surprise!

I was just discussing with another blogger how I could get my nails noticed on Instagram by the polish companies I use most. I’d like to be able to try new products and give reviews on them, hours later I got this message. I must admit I did a little dance because being noticed for your work is always a nice feeling and being featured is pretty darn cool!


We’ll see where it goes from here, but this was pretty exciting for me today.

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