The Lutheran Cross.

After the death of a recent loved one, I painted this for my Mom. Our whole family was born and raised Lutheran and as I have mentioned before, I don’t believe in organized religion, but this person was faithful to her church and gave Christianity a good name. I felt this would bring my mom comfort to see it and remember all the good our loved one left as her legacy.


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The Carol Lee

This is a lighthouse float home built by a retired engineer. I used to look down at it from our from cabin, over looking the Pend O’Rielle at Bayview, ID. The inside was beautiful with a winding ladder up to the living area, that was much larger in life than it appears on the outside. Fully functioning kitchen, bathroom with shower, sink and toilet and everything was covered in gorgeous smooth wood paneling on the walls. Through the large bedroom was a door that led us up to the light house which was fully function with old an police light he had a acquired. On the back where you can read the words, “Carol Lee” behind the double doors holds a full sized boat.

After seeing it everyday when I looked onto the bay, I decided to draw it, and this was my attempt. When I had finished, I wanted to share the drawing and my great interest I had in this fascinating piece of work. They were kind enough to give us a full tour.

Every year during Bayview days, he turns on the lights in the lights house…it’s quite the thing to see.


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Moments in art.

Most of my life I have found art to be of relaxation, comfort, release and a sense of accomplishment. Whether by music, painting, make-up (which I’m getting more into) writing or crafts, I have always enjoyed anything and everything art.

I picked up 2-2 packs of canvas the other day and just recently used another. This was a painting for a dear friend of mine, who commented that she loves the water scenes that show reflection. So I have entitled this painting as such; “Reflection”.


Spread your wings….~Christa

Just one of those days.

I guess we all have one…Today I just felt like nothing I do is of any importance. Down in the dumps, tired…emotional. One of those times when you could just jump in your car and drive….and drive. No one would notice I’m gone. Yeah right. I know that’s not true, but it’s the way I felt. I asked some ladies on how they deal with feeling this way and got some great advice. ‘Focus on you’, was my favorite.. So I did. I deep conditioned my hair and painted a water scene for my mom…… For a moment I was looking over a lake at sunset and it was peaceful and calming. I feel better.. Back to my more positive attitude. I hate feeling crummy…The worst part is when you can pin-point why you feel this way..It’s not like anything horrible is going on in my life, things are great as a matter-of-fact… I guess I was just due for a “blah” day. But, I’m normally a positive person so I don’t like that feeling lasting long…it drives me crazy!

So, this is the painting I did and it helped immensely….I’ll call it “Serenity”…because today, that’s what it brought me. 20161228_030742

Spread your wings ~Christa