Poetic Filler Until Chapter Six Begins.

It’s been a rough couple days for me and I’ve fallen behind on my chapter a day goal. Chapter Five is finished and I intend on catching up this weekend. Until then, I thought I would throw some poetry out there to keep the creative juices flowing.


“Among the Stones”


Spread your Wings!



Progress as of 4/22


I completed 2 chapters today. My goal was one a day, but since Sundays are my housework day and getting my husband ready to go back to work, I figured I would try to get two done in one day. Accomplished. Chapter 5 begins tomorrow.

Spread your wings!

Book Progress 4/20/17

After 7 hours of writing, Chapter one is complete. (I’m sure I’ll go back and edit, as I find myself continuously doing that, but I can’t help it) The draft of the map I drew up yesterday has been beautifully perfected by my talented daughter and added to the prologue. I am so excited to start on Chapter two.

Spread Your wings.



“Write the Book!”

Maybe 8 or 9 years ago I had started writing a book on my computer. The prologue, Dedication and 13 Chapters written. The ideas were flowing from me so quickly I was getting a chapter at least a day. I was so invested in my characters and their personalities that when my computer crashed and my stupid ass never backed anything up, I was completely devastated. My dream of writing a book had been suddenly crushed. All that time and commitment to something that was part of my artistic-ness…. part of me felt destroyed, lost forever in the depth of a burnt-up hard-drive. (So basically, I felt sorry for myself instead of picking myself up and going back at it)….

I honestly never thought I would try again, I mourned that book, (crazy as it sounds). But since I have been blogging and freelance writing for a couple websites, I’ve gotten my desire to reach my goal again. It’s motivated me.

There are those times in writing the articles I think to myself, ‘Wow this is shit. My writing sucks ass.’ I share with my husband my frustration and he just encourages me that I’m overly critical of my own work and to keep writing until it doesn’t make me happy anymore. (I have the best husband ever… for real) My Mom, my daughter all same the same thing, but I just think they all have to say that because they’re family. 🙂 I still question myself and my abilities and every time I do, I hear a voice that keeps saying, “Write the Book.” Now, for some of you that don’t believe as I do, can think whatever you like…but for me it’s God telling me to write the book…..So, I’m going to listen, simple as that.

And it has begun..but this time is goes in this journal first before the computer….


I’m currently researching and have my synopsis and characters…things are moving along. Something accomplished every day, (Or at least I sure give it a hell of go!) My next task is the prologue and dedication…and then the story begins…..

Spread Your Wings,